15+ Best WordPress Cookie Consent Plugins 2023

The free plugin is available in the WordPress.org plugin directory. This is also a freemium WordPress plugin with both free and paid price options. You can download the free plugin from WordPress.org’s plugin repository.

User Registration is also a freemium WordPress registration and login plugin. It enables you to make beautiful registration forms to let users register and log in with their credentials. There are numerous cookie consent plugins stored in the WordPress directory for site developers.

Cookie Notice & Compliance for GDPR & CCPA is a completely free WordPress cookie notice banner plugin. It was created to take the uncertainty out of compliance for small and medium-sized websites. Best of all, you can set it up and operate it in a matter of minutes.

Getting a domain and having the website designed is relatively easy. Add an ADA-compliant cookie compliance notice on your WordPress website to comply with multiple privacy laws across the globe. Any information, whether oral or written, obtained from the CookieYes website, services, tools, or comments does not constitute any form of legal and/or regulatory advice. If any kind of legal assistance is required, users should consult with an attorney, a lawyer, or a law firm. Once MonsterInsights is installed and set up, you’ll need to install and activate the EU Compliance addon.

We’ve put together a list of wordpress cookie plugin whose features will help add to your website easily. We have no doubt you’ll find what you’ve been looking for after you’re done. Hence, we recommend that you always use a cookie consent solution to ensure that you comply with data privacy laws like GDPR, ePR and CCPA. Still, some unique functionalities like geo-location tracking and restriction, forwarding consents, etc., must be purchased.

The plugin is one of the best WordPress GDPR cookie compliance plugins as it comes with a host of features some of which are listed below. The CookieYes GDPR Cookie Consent plugin facilitates GDPR (RGPD, DSVGO) compliance by integrating a cookie banner seamlessly into your website. It also guarantees alignment with other prominent state privacy laws in the United States, such as VCDPA (Virginia), CPA (Colorado), CTDPA (Connecticut), and UCPA (Utah).

Termly is one of the most popular and easiest-to-use WordPress cookie consent plugins available that applies to both CCPA and GDPR. You can simply install and activate the plugin to have the cookie consent notification bar appear automatically. Moreover, it comes with automatic compliance elements and improved design controls that make it a cutting-edge online application. Also, you can personalize the cookie notification for your users by including links to your privacy and legal policies.

With its fully customizable cookie consent banner, you can edit the content, colors, translations, etc. Regional tracking enables the cookie consent banners to be shown in regions where required. Fortunately, WordPress’s popularity has incentivized several companies to create cookie consent plugins that can simplify cookie consent compliance for websites hosted on WordPress. We have researched all cookie consent plugins available on WordPress’s marketplace and compiled a list of the top 10 plugins for cookie consent. FooBar is an all-in-one notification bar plugin for WordPress and WooCommerce that makes it easy to add a variety of notifications and announcements to your website. And one of the things it’s particularly well-suited for is displaying a cookie consent notice.

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