These are Our Favorite Harley Quinn Tattoos from Suicide Squad

That said, the tattoo had its own endearing effect on the audience, a constant reminder that Harley Quinn was deadly yet adorable, the word “ROTTEN” appearing to be a perfect fit for her. Harley could still go on a quest to independence that hopefully leads to some revenge against the Joker (because Harley’s rightfully petty, and so are we). However, she might have left the “p + h” tattoo untouched from Suicide Squad because she met her soulmate, Pam, which would give the “p” in her tattoo a new and much more healthy meaning. Everyone goes through a post-breakup glo-up, and we’re glad that Harley Quinn is no exception. If you like to keep it simple & classy but aren’t a minimalist by any stretch, a black and grey Harley Quinn tattoo design may be your perfect match. Though the movie was regarded by most film fanatics as a flop, Harley Quinn jumped off the screen and into the hearts of fans old and new.

“”She did these herself in prison,”” Robbie told Yahoo! Movies UK. “”She did them herself out of boredom and desperation.”” Since people have an obsession with assigning meaning to tattoos, most of these leg tattoos are obviously about Joker, whom she calls Puddin’. It was a few inches down from her heart tattoo on her right jawline. It was inked on her face in both films—Suicide Squad and Birds of Prey.

Quinn appeared for the first time in 1992 in her classic black and red stock character Harlequin. She was often seen as Joker’s love interest but the infamous “Mad love” turned into a transformational experience, especially after their breakup in the relaunch of Quinn’s character. The old her or the new one, both have a tremendous impact on the fanbase and her tattoos have become increasingly popular.

For some, the tattoo represents the idea of embracing the darker aspects of one’s personality and living life on the edge. For others, view these tattoos the Harley Quinn Joker tattoo is simply a fun and playful design that pays homage to two iconic characters from the world of comics. The tattoo can be seen as a celebration of fandom and a way to show one’s love for the characters. The next in the series is this tattoo of her, where the wearer has added pink and blue colors to the face to make it look realistic. They have also added some face tattoos like the heart and the ‘joker’ on the eyebrow. The details under the eye make the tattoo look aggressive and relatable.

Harley Quinn’s red and black diamonds are a nod to her origins. She’s broken, but she’s hell-bent on picking up the pieces. Only true fans will know what you’re repping on your skin. Others will just wonder what those neat drippy diamonds are. Those neat drippy diamonds are a glowing tribute to the tragic and wonderful mess that is Harley Quinn.

Harley Quinn is happy and cheerful, she is mischievous and just the right amount of evil. Harley is the Joker’s absolute biggest fan and his constant right-hand woman. She is fiercely loyal to her beloved Joker, making her the only one in all of Gotham City that he can rely on when he needs help with his devious and often evil plans. Will usually ship within 3 business days of receiving cleared payment. This tattoo features Harley Quinn if she had a doll made after her character.

This idea of sacrificing oneself for love is a powerful one, and the tattoo can serve as a reminder of this ideal. Another interpretation of the Harley Quinn Joker tattoo is that it represents the idea of embracing one’s darker side. Both characters are known for their villainous tendencies, and their relationship is often depicted as being one that is fueled by chaos and a desire for power.

Skulls also represent fearlessness and hence complement the tattoo here. While Suicide Squad had its fair share of criticism from comic-book fans, there are certain aspects of the film that are quite agreeable. One aspect that many people loved was the new rendition of Harley Quinn portrayed by Margot Robbie. Fun, crazy, and full of passionate jokes, Harley Quinn’s appearance in the film led to a craze of Harley Quinn costumes for Halloween of 2016. As a more modernized version of the original with tattoos covering her body, most of which are related to her true love the Joker. These are our favourite Harley Quinn tattoos from the 2016 Suicide Squad.

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