Video Games in Thailand Market Research Report

As technology was still embryonic, it kept Thai gamers away from participating in international competitions. Lack of good internet facility kept dragging Thai players behind it. Even in 2013, an internet connection with 100Mbps speed was considered a good one. The alternative to that is being able to download a mobile app for your handset.

In May 2017, Garena retained its position as the number one bacara888 games publisher in Thailand by both revenue and downloads across iOS and Google Play. There are various online casinos that serve as ideal platforms in Thailand to join. They include brands like BK8, AW8, UEA8, Dafabet, and several others. There are those people who aren’t interested in using their credit card or banking details to deposit at online websites.

Thailand had been an underdeveloped country for long, but it turned the tables of the history and emerged to stand amongst the top economies of the world. With a population of 68.4 million and GDP of 455 billion USD, Thailand is the 8th largest economy of Asia. Here is a review of what people like to play in Thailand and how gaming trends are boosting the economy of the country. Now that you have money in your casino account, you can load up any of the games in the lobby.

This improvement in streaming quality allows more Thai consumers to watch online gaming streams through popular platforms such as Twitch, YouTube Live, and Facebook gaming. It also allows more people to create online gaming content, which further markets online gaming to potential players. Additionally, rising smartphone penetration rates have also contributed to the popularity of online gaming since smartphones are a highly accessible option for consumers to play games on the go. The popularity of mobile gaming and the rise of e-sports have contributed to this growth. Some of the latest developments in the Thailand online gaming market involve investment in game development with the goal of making Thailand a hub for the Southeast Asian gaming industry.

Through the apps, you can also make deposits and withdrawals, and still claim special offers from the casinos. Well, there are some sites that allow players to receive reload bonuses. These can be given on a regular enough basis to players who come back for more gaming frequently. It often matches the deposit that you make to continue playing the games, offering extra funds on top of your own.

In 2019, Thailand was ranked 20th globally in terms of game revenue, reflecting the growth of the gaming and esports market in the country. With 32 million gamers, Thailand is now considered the top market in Southeast Asia according to Newzoo’s 2021 report. In September 2021, the Thai government recognized esports as a professional sport, which has led to increased funding, recognition, promotion, and support for the local esports industry. Eligible esports teams and athletes can receive financial support from the Sports Authority of Thailand and its Professional Sports Promotion Fund. The government’s involvement in promoting esports has helped the industry to grow, with revenue expected to reach $5.94 million in 2022 and an annual growth rate of 12.25% from 2022 to 2027. Google Ads AdMob 75% of mobile games from Thai publishers have Google Ads AdMob integrated.

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