TOTO Game Rules General

The “”snowballing”” shall continue until the Group 2 prize is won. If the Jackpot Prize is not won in any draw, the Jackpot Prize amount (i.e. thirty-eight per cent (38%) of the Prize Pool plus the “”snowballed”” amount) of that draw shall be added to the Jackpot Prize allocation of the next draw. The “”snowballing”” shall continue until the Jackpot Prize is won or at the end of four consecutive draws, whichever is earlier.

Wolff started his motorsport career in 1992 in the Austrian Formula Ford Championship, driving in Austrian and German Formula Ford in 1993 and 1994. In 2002 Wolff finished in sixth place in the N-GT category in the FIA GT Championship and won one race. He switched to the Italian GT Championship in 2003, winning a race in 2004 with Lorenzo Case, while also teaming with Karl Wendlinger in the FIA GT Championship. Wolff was runner up in the Austrian Rally Championship in 2006, and winner of the 2006 Dubai 24 Hour. Wolff has also served as an instructor at the Walter Lechner Racing School and in 2009 became a lap-record holder on the Nürburgring Nordschleife in a Porsche RSR. Wolff also has overall responsibility for the Mercedes EQ Formula E Team.

Laws and other regulations are being strengthened in order to minimize climate change, including streamlining of energy consumption and measures to combat global warming worldwide. New tax burdens and increased expenses incurred in responding to changes to materials, fuel or facilities in business activities in line with tighter regulations may adversely affect the Group’s business, financial condition and operating results. The TOTO Group is subject to environmental laws and regulations such as those relating to air pollution, water pollution, soil and groundwater contamination, handling and elimination of harmful substances and waste management.

These said players do not play enough to break even or profit through a massive win. It would take thousands of games and possibly thousands of dollars in costs to win the big Prize Groups 1 — 4. Even in 10 years of our lifetime, only 1040 games are played.

Pools reserves the right to rectify any errors discovered after the official information has been released on the Betting Website, and the results of the Relevant Draw will be as stated in the latest rectified version. Otherwise, the results of the Relevant Draw shall be as announced by the Company on the Betting Website at the end of the Relevant Draw. There shall be no minimum guaranteed amount for Group 2, 3 and 4 prizes. All possible combinations of sets of six numbers from a selection of seven to twelve numbers out of the total of forty-nine numbers available for selection in the Game. An intending Participant may participate in the TOTO Game 토토사이트 by making an Ordinary Entry whereby the Participant purchases a set of six numbers from a total of forty-nine numbers available for selection in the Game. The Participant may use vouchers, coupons or refund credits issued by the Company to place Bets and use in payment of Stakes, subject to such terms and conditions as may be applicable to the use of such vouchers, coupons and refund credits.

Of $1,000,000)25 nums + 1 add8% of prize pool35 nums5.5% of prize pool44 nums + 1 add3% of prize poolTotal54.5% of prize poolThe prizes for the higher groups 1 — 4 are fixed as a percentage. The number of winners does not matter as the group prizes will be shared equally among the winners in the same prize group. In iTOTO, the Company makes available a number of units of a System Entry for individual participation. The number of units and the stake for each iTOTO Entry will be made known to the Participant, who pays only for the number of units he wishes to purchase. The Participant will receive a Ticket indicating the type of Entry, the total stake and the total number of units created for the Entry as well as the number of units the Participant has purchased. The prizes amounts, if any, will also be divided equally by the same number of units and the Participant will win a proportion of the applicable prize based on the number of units he has purchased.

After the six numbers are so drawn, the Company shall draw one more number from the remaining numbers (“”the additional number””). The six numbers and the additional number so drawn are the winning numbers for that draw. In this TOTO Game, an intending Participant has to purchase a set of six numbers selected from 1 to 49 for the Relevant Draw. The correct matching of the set of six numbers selected with any three or more of the winning numbers drawn under the Rules shall qualify the Participant for a Prize or Prizes as provided in these TOTO Game Rules . It’s intended that to fight just three times and then become a world champion like a legendary Saensak Muangsurin. On September 19, 1993, he faced Ricardo “”El Finito”” López a WBC Strawweight champion holder at Capitol City Discothèque, Ratchadaphisek Road, Bangkok.

Prize amounts due to winning Participants will remain unaffected by the existence or number of unsold iTOTO units. Instead, the prize amount due to each winning Participant is determined by the number of units which that winning Participant has purchased. Should there be any unsold iTOTO units that are part of a winning bet, the prize monies attributable to these winning unsold units will be channelled by Singapore Pools to good causes through the Singapore Totalisator Board. In the normal course of business, the TOTO Group possesses confidential information mainly about customers regarding credit worthiness and other information, as well as confidential information about companies and other third parties. Although the Group pays close attention to protecting this confidential information and works to the best of its ability to appropriately manage said information so that it is not leaked, such information may be leaked due to an unforeseen event.

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